Friday, September 29, 2006


I know I did a post the other day about school (Betsy Newmark) but when I saw this little article in the paper, I couldn't resist. It appears that someone is getting the message that attending school, and actually finishing, is very important. And, they've gone to the source of the problem: The parents.

Now, if they could apply this strategy to the parents of kids who are in school, but disrupting it, we'd be making progress.

Here's the entire article from the Sacramento Bee:

73 charged with failing to make kids go to school.

Seventy three arrest warrants were served Wednesday in Sacramento County on parents who fail to have their children attend school, the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office reported.

The annual truancy sweep charged the parents with contributing to the delinquency of a minor for failing to obey compulsory school attendance laws.

Out of the 73 warrants, 36 parents were taken into custody by various law enforcement agencies at their homes or at work, and the others promised to appear in court at a later date. Nine others were taken into custody on a variety of other charges.

Have you heard of anything like this in your area?

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