Wednesday, October 25, 2006


My machine's in the shop, again, so this will be short.

Just when we thought the auction was winding down, it gets a second wind. We are truly blessed in this effort with so many caring folks out there. I am amazed.

I have little time to blog (on a loaner at the shop) so I will direct you to THE RADIO PATRIOTS blog for all the details about last night's development, as well as the current status of the auction.

eBay is over $1000.00---MAKE A BID HERE

Pay Pal is over $25,000.00---DONATE HERE

For the latest, tune to CONSTITUTIONAL PUBLIC RADIO at 3 PM EST, Monday Thru Friday. Join the chat room too.

Hi Anna!!
Hi Mary Ann!! (get a blog, M*A)
Hey Brainster!! (tell M*A to start blogging)

P. S. I see my name was changed back to the one my mother gave me. BTW, anyone know who the hell Dave Lucas is?

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