Friday, November 24, 2006


Iran wants to play by its own set of rules. This organization doesn't go along with that attitude and sends Iran packing.

If this is true, it should scare the hell out of you.

The blogless Mary Ann in Ohio sent this video to me about Tucker Carlson and the Imams being removed from their flight. I'm not a fan of Tucker, but here he is anyway.

Singing legend has passed on. What a life she had.

Leftovers from the interview with Dr. Cyril Wecht on the JFK assassination: It's an interesting list. Here's the follow-up on the first name on that list. This family was huge in Illinois media for decades; Marathon Pundit will remember them, I'm sure.

JFK's religion was front and center during the 1960 elections because a Catholic had never been President. Brainster points out that Romney is facing a similar problem. Interesting numbers.

I agree with you, Larry. You're a coward.

Kramer has pretty much destroyed what was left of his career, and worse yet, he's damaged the Seinfeld series. You can never watch Seinfeld again without thinking of Michael Richards and his racist rantings. Too bad.


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