Tuesday, November 14, 2006


If not, that's ok. Michelle Malkin does. Malkin was "bleeped" on the O'Reilly Show for using a term that refers to "testicles." I wonder if it's ok to say "testicles"? If you watch the video, her bleep comes about 3/4 through but it's worth the wait, especially O'Reilly's response.

Also, Malkin has a poll about Steele...hmmm..."Balls of Steele?"...no, it was something else. Anyway, I think it's good he didn't take the RNC chair (thx, GB) because he will make an attractive VP candidate in '08.

***Brainster has gone and done it with his endorsement of John McCain. He received a little flak, then he responded to each one of them. I don't like McCain, never did and probably never will. However, I like what Brainster is doing: Getting the discussion started, and early .

***John Ruberry has Nancy Pelosi, CAIR, and "correcting the patriot act" all in one post. Nothing to worry about, though, Pelosi is looking out for America. Sleep well.

***Stuck in Ohio. Well, if our angel, Mary Ann, had a blog, she'd point you to this story. I know she would.

***Corruption in Congress. Check out this site for the dirt. Don't know if it's true, just linkin' to it. (I really think it's true)

***The Bedford Incident. If you simply sink the SOBs, you don't have these problems. Ever.


"Read, be outraged and count your blessings..." Andi's World sticks it right in your face...now deal with it!

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