Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Following up on yesterday's show about the Gold Star Families secretly traveling to Iraq, Mark and Andrea will be interviewing Melanie Morgan. Morgan is the Chairwoman of the Sacramento based, pro-troop organization, Move America Forward, which made this historic trip possible.

Mark and Andrea interviewed Larry Middleton on yesterday's CPR, but Middleton was only able to give sparse details surrounding the trip. Middleton's cousin, Beth, has a boyfriend, Kristinn Taylor, who is on the trip. Taylor is the President of the D.C. Chapter of Free Republic, and was notified by Morgan just 3 days prior to leaving for the middle east.

Melanie Morgan, I would suspect, is in constant contact with the Gold Star Families, and will be able to pass along more details of the trip. The families are expected to return Friday or Saturday, at which time the full story of their trip will be covered. Hey, maybe the MSM will do some reporting as well. You just never know.

If you don't know who Melanie Morgan is, here's a little background:

She's the Chairwoman and co-founder of Move America Forward; she co-hosts a highly rated talk radio show on KSFO, San Francisco, and she just released a new book, America Mourning. Did I mention she writes a column for WorldNet Daily? Well, she does.

Morgan has traveled all over the globe to support our troops--from Crawford, Texas, Washington D.C., to Iraq!

Tune in to CPR today at 3 PM EST. Join our chat room here. And stop by Mark and Andrea's blog.

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