Thursday, November 02, 2006


Today's interview on CPR with Kevin and Mary Jane McManus was one of the best. Brainster joined the interview and really made it memorable, and if you missed it, I encourage you to catch the replay at 10 PM EST. The show begins at 9 PM, but if time's an issue, 10 PM is when the interview begins.

Kevin and Mary Jane were involved in the documentary, Stolen Honor. It was the movie John Kerry didn't want you to see, and because of his efforts, many of you didn't. However, because of patriots like Kevin and Mary Jane McManus, enough of you did see it, and, today, Kerry's present address doesn't involve the number 1600. All I can say is, thanks for your service.

Again, listen to the replay, which begins in the second hour of the show (10 PM EST). And, Brainster, you were magnificent!! Andrea and Mark--I hope you can get them back on the show again soon. Great job...and what timing, too. (Chat room will be open, too)

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