Thursday, November 02, 2006


It doesn't take a Lt. Columbo to figure out that John Kerry was taking a swipe at our military during a speech in California the other day. After all, Kerry has priors in that department. It was so obvious that his own party turned on him, forcing him to post an apology on his website. Well, he calls it an apology. I call it an insult, not so much for the wording he used, which was poor, at best, but for how he delivered it: ON HIS WEBSITE!!

Yes, on his website. Someone on Fox compared this so-called apology on his website to that of firing someone by TM; or by breaking up with your girlfriend by voicemail. Good points. Who apologizes to the US Military by website? John Kerry does.

Kerry has attacked our military on many occasions, and when he did he looked for Congressional Committees or press conferences to get the word out far and wide. The other day he made it "crystal clear" when giving his "I apologize to no one" speech, and he made damn sure he was in front of tv cameras, lights, and microphones. Crystal clear.

But, when his hand was forced by his own party, a party that was running away from him as fast as they could, Kerry posts a so-called apology on his website. No tv cameras, no microphones, no bright lights, and no Q & A session afterwards. Just a post on his website.

At his website, you can read his lame statement. But, to get a real look at Kerry, check his right sidebar for the videos he has so proudly posted. He has the Keith Olbermann piece from MSNBC. If you haven't seen it, you should. And, he posts the "I apologize to no one" speech from the other day. I think this tells volumes about Kerry's position toward our military.

It's time we started asking the questions Kerry has avoided so well, and they begin with SF 180. Kitty's pulling the curtain back on Kerry's past too. Brainster posts a Kerry cartoon that says it all.

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