Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I'm thinking there should've been a TEAM COAST GUARD, too. Because someone has to go out and locate TEAM NAVY. Lost at sea. The four teams are bringing in lots of money and are on pace to surpass their goal. Check on the teams' progress, join up, blog about it, and donate a couple bucks towards as great cause. Click here.

If you're late to this party, Project Valour-IT is explained here. If you're interested in joining or donating, I suggest doing it through TEAM AIR FORCE. Just a thought. There's a DONATION BUTTON at the top of my side bar. Use it.

TEAM AIR FORCE'S commander, John Noonan of OP-FOR, is doing a superb job of leading us to final victory. However, we could use a few more blogs to join our team. You can join TEAM AIR FORCE by clicking here. It only takes a second or two. Our door is open.

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