Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Day one started out slow for TEAM AIR FORCE, but that's changed now. TEAM ARMY is barely in 1st place ($200) and TEAM AIR FORCE is about to take over as fundraising leader. TEAM MARINES is in 3rd, and TEAM NAVY is taking on water and beginning to list. Lifeboats, anyone?

TEAM ARMY started off with a big lead but we all knew they wouldn't be able to sustain it. As usual, TEAM AIR FORCE comes to the rescue when the ground pounders get into trouble.

Overall, all teams have raised 10% of the $180,000 goal. With the leadership of TEAM AIR FORCE, we will reach and surpass the stated goal. Follow us, boys and girls...if you can keep up.

Check on the status of all teams here. And if you don't know what Project Valour-IT is all about, click here....then donate what you can and do a post about about it. Our wounded are depending on you.

TEAM AIR FORCE is under the leadership of John Noonan of OP-FOR.

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