Sunday, November 05, 2006


There's nothing like waking up on Sunday morning, having a cup of java, and reading that Saddam has a date with the gallows. I read that he requested to stand before a firing squad but was refused. Good. Hanging is what he deserves. Malkin has all the details. This guy should be hanged too.

Of course, the actual hanging won't take place for quite some time because of appeals and other trials Saddam will be attending. My hope is that he stays healthy so that he can one day feel the rope being placed around his soon-to-be broken neck. I wonder if he'll go out like a man or cry like a baby? Reminds me of a Cagney movie.

I ran across a page listing executions by year in the States. Interesting. Something happened from '68 to '80, but it appears we're back on track. Personally, I don't agree with executing people in this country under the "reasonable doubt" standard; I think there should be a higher standard for taking one's life, but that's just me.

Anyway, Saddam will be enjoying what remains of his miserable life in a cell. We'll make sure he's comfortable in all ways. He'll enjoy the best in medical care, clothing, and, of course, he'll be eating good food. In fact, the other day, Saddam enjoyed Chinese fare. Afterwards, he opened his fortune cookie:

I have no doubt "doors" will be opening for him. First his cell door, then the "trapdoor."

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