Monday, November 06, 2006


From the Sacramento Union:

"In a stunning and historic trip under the utmost secrecy, a delegation of families of fallen U.S. troops have traveled to Iraq to counter critics of the war effort, just days before the Nov. 7 midterm elections."

"The delegation of “Gold Star Families” agreed to provide the Sacramento Union with an exclusive account of their trip to Iraq based on the assurance that news of their mission would not be published until they had safely left Amman, Jordan."

"So secret is their trip that even members of the Bush Administration were kept in the dark about their planned activities."

If you haven't heard about this historic trip, it's because the MSM would rather you didn't.

After mentioning the story on The Andrea Shea-King Show last night, Andrea was contacted by someone who is close to one of the families.

Today, Andrea and Mark will be interviewing this person. This is still developing, so there might be more by show time.

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This is one story you'll want to hear about and it was made possible by Melanie Morgan at Move America Forward.

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