Tuesday, November 28, 2006

THE WAR IS ON--AGAIN with update

We are bombarded daily with similar stories, and with each reading they become less shocking, and that's by design. I'm here to say that you should be shocked. This crap is beyond belief, in this country, anyway. It was unheard of when I was a kid growing up in Illinois, and then it slowly leached into our system over the past couple decades. You should be shocked. But, sadly, you are not.

Your NATION is being taken away from you and it will not be given back without a fight. A bloody fight. The "mall zombies," those who choose to not participate, are helping to give our NATION away. Just giving the damn thing away, and relegating their children and grandchildren to a life within our borders that is unthinkable. But, in their defense, there is a SALE going on...somewhere.

If my grandparents were alive today, or my uncle Marion, there'd be some furniture being moved around. They wouldn't stand for this for one second.

Why? Because they weren't busy shopping; they were busy building this NATION for their kids and grandkids, the same NATION that we're selling off piece by piece. They would be ashamed of us.

Read this article. And if this picture "offends" you, get over it. For others participating in the war, click here.

***UPDATE: Hugh Hewitt gets involved--Calls Mayor Daley out. Kitty posts a similar theme. Radio Patriots get in on the act too.

This picture was painted by Loyd Fannin, and you can buy some of his other great works here.

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