Friday, December 01, 2006


I don't watch college football very much, but I never miss the Army-Navy game. My Brigade Commander from Ft. Ord's 7th Infantry Division gets a little face-time on the tube each year. From time to time I would be assigned to his office on CQ duty, and while in there I would admire the trophy. The man was the Army's version of a movie star. Tomorrow's game has Navy favored over Army by 21 points. Sorry, General.

***Dr. Jack Wheeler was on CPR yesterday. A sobering interview it was. Dr. Jack's website is here and it's a must read--daily.

***The Radio Patriots are posting about the upcoming shuttle launch. During this launch the shuttle won't be the only bird in the sky.

***Congress? Pigs will fly when this happens.

***Mary Ann from Cleveland has decided to give blogging a shot, and she's doing a fine job so far.

***David Kyle has much to say at his blog, too. Stop by and give him a read.

***Julie from Vermont attended the Restoration Weekend in Palm Beach a couple weeks back, and yesterday she joined us in the CPR chat room. Here's a pic of Julie and her husband, Tom, with Ann Coulter. Hope you keep coming back, Julie. We enjoyed chatting with you.

*** Anna brings us news about someone we didn't know. But we know her product--some know it too well! (Markus?)

***Stop by Andi's World and leave her a note. She could use one about now.

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