Friday, January 19, 2007


We'll probably never know exactly why Sandy Berger pilfered documents from the National Archives, but that will never stop folks from trying to figure it out. One thing's for sure: It has to do with Bill Clinton and terrorism. That much we can agree on, I think.

The suspicions of one writer are presented in an article at WND. In the piece, he brings up another situation that's never set well with me: TWA Flight 800. But to talk about that incident invites "debunkers" to enter the discussion and redirect the focus of the article (Clinton). Let's just say the handling of TWA 800 is similar to that of an incident in 1963, and not so much for what happened off Long Island but for what didn't happen afterwards.

Of note in the article is LTC Buzz Patterson--our man inside the White House. I'd love to hear his thoughts on OPERATION BOJINKA and how it relates to Berger. Go read. See what you think.


Continuing on the topic of terrorism is an OP-ED in the LA Times. The writer was on Tucker's show yesterday. The discussion is about the "left" and how they led us into 9-11. Whether you agree with that or not, the look back at history is important and interesting. Later Thursday, the author found himself on Glenn Beck's show. Beck was brutal with him and discounted the premise as ridiculous. I was surprised.


Muslims (CAIR) are not pleased with the new season.

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