Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Mr. and Mrs. Media Matters have been offline for a couple months due to computer problems, but now they're back in action. Good to have you guys back. Today I had the pleasure of receiving an email from Mr MMs, and in it he updated me on their wonderful son, Parker. For background on Parker, click here. He's a doll and he just turned ONE last week. Let me share some of the email with you:

"...Parker celebrated his first birthday last week. The attached photo is of him diving into the birthday cake his mom made for him. He is such a cutie.

Parker is making good progress. He has physical therapy once a week, play/social therapy once a week, and vision therapy once a month. These are helping him out a lot. He has mastered the crawl, which is a huge milestone for him. That is very exciting. He is still struggling in some social areas -- still hasn't grasped the concept of waving, so he is about 6+ months behind in these areas. But we are grateful for the progress he has made. He continues to be a mostly happy baby, full of personality. And physically he seems to be getting stronger all of the time.

He goes back to the pediatric neurologist next month for another checkup. His next milestones include continuing to work on waving and transitioning toward walking. As always, we appreciate your prayers on his behalf and will keep you posted on his progress."--Love, Rich.

Rich and Stephanie are very proud of their Parker, as we all are, and their dedication to his physical therapy will ensure a happy and productive future for him. He's got some great parents...and I have some great friends. You're always in my prayers.

I'm sure they'll both be blogging soon, so stop in and say "Howdy."

The future "Babymediamatters.blogspot.com"--Happy Birthday!!

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