Monday, June 11, 2007


The Cold War ended some years back, but the leftover embers from those years have reignited. Who knew? Russia is going to be trouble, Putin specifically. On Sunday, Putin called for a "radical overhaul of the world's financial and trade institutions..." At one time, Bush looked into Putin's soul; I doubt he saw this:

"His speech on financial institutions suggested that, along with an aggressive recent campaign against US “unilateralism” in foreign policy, he was also seeking to challenge western dominance of the world economic order."--Financial Times.

Yes, we have yet another crisis to add to the ever-growing list of troubled areas for the United States. If you think this little revelation isn't a problem, think again. It's another indication of our weakened status on the world stage. And, who should we blame for this and all the other major problems we currently face? I suppose a case can be made for placing the blame on you and me, however, I put it squarely on the shoulders of those corrupt individuals we pay to look after our Nation's best interests--Washington's finest leaders. It just keeps getting better and better.

Speaking of leaders--last night on The Andrea Shea-King Show, Andrea spent the entire first hour ripping Congress a new one. She got heated up over Congress' work schedule in Washington, D.C., and it wasn't long before the phones started ringing. Apparently, lots of folks feel the same way Andrea feels about our "do nothing" Congress. You can listen to the first hour of her show on podcast--Sunday 9 PM--and pay particular attention to the House of Representatives' work schedule for last Friday. You won't believe it. Well, maybe you will.

On a sad note, Andrea is boarding "ASK ONE" this morning to fly up north to care for her ailing mother. Stop by her blog--Radio Patriot--and wish her and her family well.

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