Thursday, August 16, 2007


How time flies. 30 years ago today, Elvis died. 42 years old. I never saw him in concert but wish I had. From rock-and-roll, ballads, and Gospel--he had something for everyone. So, where were you when you first heard the news of Elvis' death?

As I often did, I left the radio on all night while sleeping in my bunk at Ft. Ord. In the morning, the radio was playing one Elvis song after another. No one was talking between the songs--it was just one after another. Finally, the disc-jockey made the announcement. Tragic. Here's his obit from the BBC and the WaPo.

Elvis prepares backstage for what would be his last concert, then goes onstage to perform the first song. Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, Indiana. June 26, 1977.

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