Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Have you blogged about Project Valour-IT...donated a few bucks...joined a team, yet? I hope so, and our wounded service members are hoping so, too. They're depending on all of us. And, remember, none of our wounded asked for our help; the idea for this project came from someone who saw a need, developed the idea for voice-activated laptops...and the rest is history. After 3 years of fundraising, Project Valour-IT has provided over 600 of these adapted laptops, and we're not done yet.

So, join the crowd. Blog about it, join a team--Air Force, donate a few bucks, just spread the word. It's not much to ask. This fundraising competition ends on November 11. **Hugh Hewitt is helping out, too. And, look, there's Mr. Right. Might as well mention Marathon Pundit. OP-FOR. Thanks, guys!!

Who knows how far I'll go just to get you to mention Project Valour-IT?

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