Monday, November 12, 2007


This year, November 12 is the government's official observance of Veteran's Day. It's also the last day of Project Valour-IT and a great opportunity for you to help out some of our wounded Vets. Take a minute to do so.

Veterans Day, as with many of the government's official holidays, amounts to not much more than a day off for a bunch of folks who happen to work for the government. Blackfive reprinted one of Mike Royko's columns dealing with how Veterans Day should be celebrated and by whom. Being a Vet myself, I have to agree with Royko's plan.

Royko died 10 years ago
but, knowing Royko, he's out there somewhere today writing a column about the failed governor of the late, great state of Illinois. Thanks goes out to John Ruberry at Marathon Pundit for posting both parts one and two of this story.

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