Thursday, November 15, 2007


I've been preoccupied, to say the least, this week, so posting has been sparse. Health is doing great, though.

This week's edition of the VOICE OF LIBERTY PODCAST NETWORK is up. You can listen now or download for later. Andrea's piece deals with our Nation's financial situation, the $9 trillion situation, and she wonders what our Founding Fathers would think of this mess.

Later on, I will be posting about MOVE AMERICA FORWARD and their latest troop support plans. For now, though, I will direct you over to The Radio Patriot for the latest news and details. Another caravan is getting ready to pull out of California for the east coast.
Stew will be happy to know that Georgia is on the schedule of stops--Savannah. I explained to officials at MAF that you were very unhappy with their previous "avoidance" of Georgia, so they took care of the problem. They will be expecting you to attend and report on the rallies. Animals are welcome. You can check the timetable for the date.

The other day MAF held an event here in Sacramento to announce the upcoming caravan as well as doing other troop support functions. They filmed a commercial too. Well attended. All the TV stations gave it coverage, but I couldn't find a thing in the Bee. I guess the Bee was busy with other non-troop support issues. Andrea has the video news reports posted at the above link.

Take care...

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