Monday, December 10, 2007


NEWSMAX is highlighting a book written by Brent Bozell and Tim Graham that deals with Her Royal Pantsuit and the MSM. I'm posting about this for two reasons:

First, Brent Bozell, if you weren't aware, is a person you'll be hearing a lot more about through his work at Newsbusters. Things are cooking. Btw, am I the last person to know that Wm F. Buckley's his uncle?

Second, the article mentions how the MSM aided Bill and Hillary at the beginning of his quest for the presidency. I remember watching a 60 Minutes interview in the early 90s, thinking that this Clinton fellow would get creamed when faced with all the questions about his affair(s). I wasn't as smart back then, but I was sure 60 Minutes would hit him hard and his campaign would be damaged. And I was curious how he would handle this intrusion into his personal life, especially with his wife sitting next to him.

Needless to say, he survived the interview, as did his wife. From NEWSMAX:

"Beginning with an examination of the Gennifer Flowers scandal that broke at the time Bill Clinton was seeking the presidency, Bozell and Graham show how the media leapt to the Clinton’s defense, setting the pattern it would follow from that point on — no matter how well documented the charges against the Clintons were, they were victims of a smear while the accusers were always villains.

Wrote the authors: “reporters knew all along that Bill Clinton was a serial adulterer and therefore also a serial liar about his sham of a marriage. That made Hillary a serial liar of course as she repeatedly aided and abetted that myth with statements of her own. This too, the media accepted.”

They quote Washington Times editorial page editor Tony Blankley as telling them "they took for granted that Hillary knew that she was lying and they chose not to report it. They subordinated their journalism for their support for Hillary.”

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