Saturday, December 08, 2007


I've been told on many occasions that the NAFTA SUPERHIGHWAY is a conspiracy theory. A fantasy that is being promoted by a bunch of "CTs", as some like to say, that has no basis in fact. Just a fantasy.

On many occasions I've read that Dr. Jerome Corsi is a nut. It was in all the papers and certain blogs at one time or another. A lunatic, he is. Hmmm. Thinking back to 2004, I don't remember too many people from the "right" saying he was a nut, especially when it came to John Kerry becoming our next president.

Back then he was mentally stable. But when it comes to the NORTH AMERICAN UNION and the NAFTA SUPERHIGHWAY, he's all of a sudden a prime candidate for a padded cell. After all, there wasn't a memo anywhere to be found detailing the plan.

Anyway, this nutcase, Dr. Jerome Corsi, has written a new article. The video below was included in it along with a few other conspiracy items (fantasies). Corsi didn't find the memo, either, so I doubt it would do you any good to read the article. Unless, of course, you're a thinking person who is willing and able to ask questions.

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