Sunday, December 09, 2007


"HONORING HEROS AT THE HOLIDAYS" is the latest pro-troop caravan sponsored by Move America Forward. The caravan, led by Lt Col. Buzz Patterson, Vice-Chair of MAF, is in Orlando, Florida, tonight.

Buzz will be joining Andrea Shea-King this evening to update everyone on the tour's progress and about upcoming tour stops, ending at Ground Zero. For the schedule of stops, go to MAF.

(Stew--Savannah is just around the corner and they'll be staying all night--Dec 10)

Andrea has a busy show this evening--for all the details, stop by her site--The Radio Patriot.

Curtain goes up at 9 PM ET--WDBO AM580, Orlando. Live internet stream.

Chat room doors will be open (upper right)--register or just click "guest".

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