Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Starting with this week's Voice of Liberty Podcast, host and producer John McJunkin has assigned individual permalinks for each of the contributors, making it easier for you, the listener, to fit them into your busy schedule. The segments run from 5-8 minutes long and are well worth your time. Here's the line-up:

**John McJunkin has a on-going series dealing with Hillary Clinton: "50 Reasons Why Mrs. Clinton Will Never Be President." This week John shares Reason #10 with you. (I'm sure he'll be proven correct on all 50)

**Andrea Shea-King shares a story with you that happened over 30 years ago. It involves me--TWD--only because I was there. But it's really about a 79 year old man who did something people his age, for obvious reasons, would never consider doing. It was when I was trying to pin down the details of this story, though, that another story surfaced: The life of Paul Davis.

**Warner Todd Huston has an idea that kids shouldn't be allowed to vote. I tend to agree but you'll have to formulate your own opinion on this one.

**Ken Marrero will tell you about an unfair new practice coming from the left side of the blogosphere. The left, unfair? Say it ain't so.

PLEASE FEEL FREE to link any of these podcasts at your blogs. Be sure to comment and vote (early and often). And please help spread the word about THE VOICE OF LIBERTY PODCAST NETWORK. Thanks!!

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