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Ok, it's 2 am on the west coast, I have lots to tell you and I'll do my best to keep it simple and organized. It's been a big weekend for The Andrea Shea-King Show, so stay with me.

Michelle Malkin and Dr. Jerome Corsi hit us with a bombshell Friday morning when they revealed to us that the McCain campaign had appointed Dr. Juan Hernandez as the campaign's "Hispanic Outreach Director." Hernandez is a "Mexico first" kinda guy who wants nothing but a "free flow of people" across our borders. And, he fought vigorously for across-the-board amnesty. In other words, he's a huge proponent of the McCain-Kennedy Shamnesty bill.

If you're not familiar with Hernandez, just read Corsi's article at WND and Malkin's post. Better yet, take a look at an interview Malkin did with Hernandez on the O'Reilly Factor. As the interview will show, Hernandez is a master at deflecting questions and moving full-force into his agenda driven dribble.

With Juan Hernandez on board the "straight-talk express", I think, says everything as to McCain's true beliefs regarding border security and illegal immigration. McCain, however, is trying to lessen the impact on his campaign by pointing out that Hernandez is a "non-paid volunteer".

Paid or not, McCain's connection to this man makes it crystal clear: McCain is in no way, shape or form, a conservative. To argue otherwise would only make one look foolish. Even McBrainster will have his hands full trying to explain this one. I'm now wondering if any of the other republican candidates have a connection with Hernandez, officially or otherwise.

The recent NYT endorsement of Her Royal Pantsuit and McCain ought to clue you in, too. How sweet is that? No matter who wins, the NYT gets a democrat in the White House. Talk about hedging your bet.

Even Mother McCain thinks the conservative base is giving very little, if any, help to her boy. And she thinks conservatives will have to "hold their noses" to vote for him in November. Wow. I'm betting that Mother McCain won't be allowed near a microphone or camera, anytime soon. She'll be "resting."

So, this is where I'm at: If McCain's the nominee, I'll have to be waterboarded into voting for him. I've been voting since the '70s. I've never once voted for a democrat and I'm not starting now. Clear enough?

NOTE: Dr. Jerome Corsi is scheduled for an interview this Sunday night on The Andrea Shea-King Show. We have him slotted for a solid hour to discuss the latest on McCain-Hernandez as well as the sub-prime mortgage crisis. Show info down below.

Giuliani's people contacted us Friday--finally--and we'll be taping a short interview with him that will be played on Sunday's show in Orlando. Hey, an extra treat at no additional charge.

We'll also be getting a comment from Tom Tancredo about McCain teaming with Juan Hernandez. Look for that at Andrea's blog, The Radio Patriot.

**On to Friday's happenings: Andrea, along with her good friend, Jo Anne Page of Merritt Island, had dinner with Duncan Hunter in the Palm Beach area Friday evening. As you may remember, Hunter recently endorsed Mike Huckabee. Needless to say, this had conservatives puzzled and confused. Some were shocked.

Before dinner, though, Hunter sat down for an interview with Andrea so he could explain his reasoning for throwing his support to Huckabee. (I listened to the interview late Friday night and was pleased with his reasons) Of note, Hunter also goes into why he isn't supporting the other candidates. Interesting. The Hunter interview will be the focus of Andrea's podcast contribution this week at The Voice of Liberty Podcast Network, and will be posted by Monday morning. I'll have a post on it first thing Monday morning, so check back then.

Related to the Hunter endorsement--as a supporter of Hunter, LTC Buzz Patterson was one of those shocked by the news. Andrea will be getting a follow-up comment from him. Again, look for that at The Radio Patriot.


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**Guests this week: Senator Jim DeMint of SC. Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani. Dr. Jerome R. Corsi. Roy Beck.


TOP: Dennis McCarthy, former Florida State Director Hunter'08, Andrea Shea-King, Duncan Hunter. MIDDLE: Duncan Hunter with Merritt Island's Jo Anne Page. BOTTOM: Duncan holding his son's campaign sticker. Duncan's retiring this year and his son will be running for his congressional seat in San Diego. Hunter Jr. will be needing our $$$upport. (click to enlarge)

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