Monday, February 11, 2008


(Photo by Claire)

Update: Where's the senate leadership, McCain?

As all of you know, the United States Marine Corps is under attack by the City of Berkeley, California. Beginning Tuesday at 5:00 AM, Berkeley's City Council Chambers will be "ground zero" in the fight against the city's mayor, council members, and CODE PINK. If you're not familiar with this situation, Move America Forward has all the details. Jamie Colby of Fox News is all over the issue as well. Check Malkin's site Tuesday for coverage.

I'll be pulling into Camp Berkeley around 3:00 am. And, I might add, I'll be leaving a huge carbon footprint, too. After getting organized, I'll be joining Gold Star Mom, Debbie Lee, and the rest of the pro-Marine, pro-military supporters, including Melanie Morgan. MAF will be set up in front of the chambers from 5:00 AM until the council meeting ends at around 10:00 PM that night. Media from the bay area will be on hand; Fox and CNN will be covering the event too.

***Andrea Shea-King at T
he Radio Patriot will be checking with me at least hourly at GROUND ZERO for updates on the situation. She'll be "live" blogging at her site the entire day as well as discussing it on her nightly BlogTalkRadio show.

Go to THE RADIO PATRIOT and follow the action in Berkeley as it unfolds. "Live" blogging begins about the time Kitty has her first cup of coffee Tuesday morning (ET).

Note: If any of you on the regular email thread wish to call me, just drop Andrea an email and she'll give you the number. Some of you have it already, so feel free to ring me up--you'll be able to hear real, live "code pinkos" in their natural habitat!


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