Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Yesterday, after Malkin reported about the Marines-puppy incident, I watched the video (which, btw, has been removed from YouTube) to see if I could tell if it was a fake. This was the big question: is it a stuffed animal or real, live or dead? I thought it was a real pup after about a dozen viewings.

To me, it makes no difference whatsoever whether it was a stuffed animal or real. What kind of person would try to fool people--on video--that they are throwing a pup off a cliff? My answer: someone who doesn't deserve to wear the uniform, that's who.

As I said above, I thought it appeared to be real. But I'm no expert, so I turned the video over to a friend (who will remain nameless) of mine who works in the animal business, specifically dogs. I've know this person for over 30 years. His opinion: it's real. He called a contact of his in the Pentagon, an Army Col.

By request, the people he mentions are to remain nameless, for obvious reasons.

The Army Col. said the pup was real and it was the talk of the Pentagon. PR disaster. In fact, the Army Col. talked with a Marine Col. who said "heads will roll" soon in the form of a Court Martial. The Marine is reportedly out of the Seattle area, they think.

My friend adds: the bitch was killed by an IED, leaving 6 pups behind. They were told to get rid of the pups but NOT in this manner.

Again, fake or real, this video/story simply plays into the hands of the anti-military, anti-America types and they will use it, over and over, again. A damn shame.

More on this story at Malkin's and C&F.

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