Monday, March 03, 2008


Sunday night I never went to bed. Just got busy with one thing, then another. Did a short post about the mothers in Joliet which lead me to thinking of Melanie Morgan and MAF. It was nearly 5 AM so I tuned to her show at KSFO. There she was, reporting the latest news about Berkeley and doing interviews. Great segment. I emailed her regarding Berkeley; she quickly responded. I then discussed the email with Andrea, pointing out Melanie's response. We kinda laughed because we suspected Melanie was being cryptic in her response, careful. Smart.

Went to bed after her show concluded.

Later in the day I woke to a phone call. Melanie has been fired...again. I posted about it back in Oct 2005--the firing only lasted one day, though. This time, however, it seems to us that it will be permanent. Whatever the outcome, she will certainly land on her feet and at a better position in either radio or TV.

Melanie's an important fixture on the radio and TV and we've become used to seeing her at the forefront of troop support and support for our Nation. Head over to her website and leave her a note.

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