Tuesday, April 08, 2008


If you follow politics at all, then you're aware that this week is shaping up to be one of the best this political season has to offer. General Petraeus will be facing down House and Senate committee members when he makes his report and fields their questions.

Judging from the list of players on just the Senate side, it becomes clear that this will be a very important week for a select few. Petraeus will be questioned by all three White House Contenders--McCain, Obama, and Her Royal Pantsuit.

McCain has never wavered on the war effort, so it's the one area he gets across-the-board support from the conservative base. I see him setting up for a big score.

Obama and Clinton, on the other hand, are in a tricky situation. Both will be trying to appear presidential while not pissing off their handlers at Moveon and Code Pink. Obama can probably continue to do what he does best: be Obama, and not get into too much trouble.

Clinton, however, is playing catch up on the campaign trail. Time is running short and I see her having to make something happen at this hearing. But whenever you try to force a play, more times than not it results in failure. Keep your eye on Clinton.

Speaking of Clinton, our friend, John McJunkin of the Voice of Liberty Podcast Network, runs a weekly series called "Why Mrs. Clinton Will Never Be President." His series is slotted to run for 50 weeks and he's up to Reason #20 this week. But the way things are going for Clinton, I see McJunkin ending the series well short of the 50. Listen to Reason #20 here. It runs just over 4 minutes. In the end, however, I hope McJunkin is wrong about Clinton. I want her to win the nomination so bad I can taste it.

If you're interested in seeing who'll be questioning General Petraeus from the Senate, click the links for Armed Services and Foreign Relations. Trust me, with the likes of Kerry, Byrd, Biden, and Kennedy asking the questions, entertainment-wise, you can't go wrong.

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