Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I'm on election info overload this morning and was forced to turn off the radio and tv in favor of some good music. Now I can post two items of interest from Melanie Morgan and Andrea Shea King. First Melanie:

As Commander-in-Chief (Chairwoman) of MOVE AMERICA FORWARD, Morgan finds herself battling many leftist organizations from one end of our Nation to the other. It's what she does. Today, Morgan points out one of those groups bent on attacking the republican ticket, specifically Gov. Palin. A sample:

A left-wing organization that I have tangled with publicly in the past has identified its newest target: Track Palin.

That’s right, a 19-year old private who happens to be the son of Republican Governor Sarah Palin is now being used as a pawn in their quest to gain power and undermine the war in Iraq.

This effort is being led by Jon Soltz, who runs a 501c3, called VoteVets.org. Soltz is demanding that the Department of Defense investigate a so-called leak of Track Palin’s deployment details to Iraq. Th hidden agenda is to investigate Sarah Palin and her family for 'leaking' deployment details.

VoteVets.org has circulated a petition demanding to know who gave these details to the media.

“When someone chooses to bolster that story by leaking classified details to the media, it allows the enemy to gain valuable information that allows them to strike at a symbolic target of importance – and all the troops around that target. It’s dangerous, it’s illegal, and it needs to be investigated” says Soltz.“Whoever is divulging this information to the media should be prosecuted and punished, if found guilty. Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or of another party, we should all agree that we cannot accept anyone feeding classified details to the press. Join us in demanding the Pentagon investigate.”

While this sounds patriotic, and indeed commendable, I can assure you that VoteVets.org and Jon Soltz are only out to score political points against the Palin family and Republicans in general...continue reading at Melanie's site. (lots of good links too)


Tonight, Andrea will be interviewing Lloyd Marcus. Lloyd's a good friend of The Andrea Shea King show--a very talented singer-songwriter as well as a great American patriot. Lloyd will be telling us all about his newest song, "Sarah Smile." This video (below) is making the rounds on the internet in a big way and we're all hoping McCain-Palin will use it as one of their campaign ads.

BREAKING NEWS: Melanie Morgan will be joining us too!!

Andrea's show starts at 9 PM Eastern. If you'd like to call in: 1-646-478-4604.

Left to right:

Mark Vance, Andrea, Bud Hedinger, Lloyd Marcus

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