Friday, August 29, 2008

McCAIN AND...?--update

The speech Obama gave last night didn't impress me all that much. Even the best of speech-makers would be hard pressed to live up to the tremendous media hype.

All things considered, Obama did and said what was required. And no matter how impressed you were with the speech (Oprah), Obama's still an EMPTY SUIT.

On the other side of the aisle, McCain is alone on the republican ticket. This morning, however, we'll find out who he taps as his VP. Lot's of speculation flying around the media.

The semi-secret flight out of Alaska bound for Ohio is the most interesting, though. If it's Alaska, it's Palin. At this point, anything is better than Charlie Crist. For now, we wait.

UPDATE: Media now reporting that Palin is in Alaska, not Ohio. But where's Charlie Crist??? Malkin reports more. INTRADE RESULTS

***FOX CONFIRMING: IT'S PALIN!! (excerpts from book)

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