Monday, December 15, 2008


The electors have cast their ballots and it's official: Obama has been confirmed as the winner of last month's election. Obama's NEXT STOP is Washington D.C. for the official swearing-in ceremony on January 20. Read about the electors' vote here.

In other non-news, the SCOTUS decided not to hear a case that called into question Obama's citizenship status. SCOTUS gave no comment for the decision. So I guess this means Obama is a "natural-born citizen" and therefore is eligible to become the POTUS. Next case.

***Tonight, ANDREA SHEA-KING will be discussing the SCOTUS case with Dr. Orly Taitz. Show begins at 9 PM ET--show details and links can be found HERE.

MORE CRAZY TALK: A federal lawsuit was filed today against our good friend Hank Paulson. The Thomas More Law Center has all the terrorizing details.


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