Wednesday, July 22, 2009


For the past week or so, the Obama birth certificate issue has experienced a resurgence through blogs, print and now cable tv. The reason: Major Stefan Cook's challenge to Obama. A challenge, I might add, that cost him his private sector job.

Major Cook's motivation for challenging Obama's birth status has been called into question as well. Some say his reason for the action was to get out of going to the war zone, a claim I don't believe whatsoever. So what's next for Major Cook? Think "Joe the Plumber."

Last night, Andrea Shea-King interviewed Major Cook and his attorney, Dr. Orly Taitz. The usual one hour show had to be extended twice, to two hours, and it could have easily gone another 30 minutes too.

The first hour was the Cook-Taitz interview, the second hour was callers from all over the country. The phone lines were lit. Andrea asked Cook the tough questions coming from many of his critics. Taitz filled in the legal aspects of his case as well as where the case goes next.

The extended hour, featuring callers, was as educational as the first. In fact, I thought it was better than the first hour. These were some of the best callers I've ever heard, and informed. Did I mention passionate? Sarge57 owns that category. Most of the callers were very well informed but Andrea did get a call from at least one person who believes Obama is telling the truth. It was classic talk radio. Award winning.

If you want to be better educated about Major Cook and his challenge to Obama, take a listen to Andrea's interview. It's time well worth the investment:

***Required reading: American Thinker's Pam Meister takes a poke at The Won.

Chrissy thinks we're wacko! Hits hard at Bill Posey (Rep. Posey needs our help):

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