Sunday, July 19, 2009


John Avlon has written a column about the "birther movement," making mention of Dr. Taitz, Dr. Keyes and Major Cook. In Avlon's world, anyone who questions Obama's birth record is simply nuts, or an Obama hater. That's the impression I get. If you read his column, however, you will notice that he forgets one glaring detail: he never mentions the specific location where Obama was born. What hospital? What doctor? NOTE to Avlon and others like him--please keep writing about this subject. Please.

Below is the list of presidential birthplaces during Obama's life, 1961--2009:

JFK-35: Born in 1917 at 83 Beals Street, Brookline, Mass. JFK was the first president to be born in the 20th century. After JFK was assassinated, the family repurchased the birth site and turned it into a memorial. Today it's designated as a National Historical Site.

LBJ-36: Born in 1908, Stonewall, Texas. While still president, LBJ had his birthplace home reconstructed, relying on old photographs and family memories, in the exact location of the original birthplace home. LBJ is the only president to have done this while in office.

Nixon-37: Born in 1913 at Yorba Linda, Ca. Nixon's father built the home about one year prior to the former president's birth. Today it's the site of The Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace. In 1994, Nixon was buried at this site.

FORD-38: Born in 1913 at 3202 Woolworth Avenue, Omaha, Nebraska. Many years after his birth, Ford's birthplace home was destroyed in a fire. Today the site is occupied by a memorial garden and presidential birth site marker.

CARTER-39: Born in 1924 at The Wise Sanitarium, Plains, Georgia. Carter is the first president to be born in a hospital. The hospital has since been renamed in honor of his mother: The Lillian G. Carter Nursing Center.

REAGAN-40: Born in 1911 at 111 S. Main Street, Tampico, Illinois. Reagan was born in a small apartment above the Pitney General Store. The general store is now occupied by the First National Bank. Great man, great location. On one of his many blogging travels to historic sites in-and-around Illinois, Marathon Pundit gave us this great report from Tampico, Illinois.

BUSH-41: Born in 1924 at 173 Adams Street, Milton, Mass. Coincidentally, Adams Street is named for John Adams and John Quincy Adams--father and son presidents. Below is the marker that sits at the corner of the Bush property.

CLINTON-42: Born in 1946 at the Julia-Chester Hospital, 1001 (south) Main Street, Hope, Arkansas. The hospital has since been destroyed and I couldn't find a picture of it. In fact, I couldn't find much information at all. Most of Clinton's presidential pages begin with his boyhood home after arriving from the hospital. After an exhaustive search, I found the old hospital's address and did a property site search. The search gave me the above photo. But before posting it, I called the business located at 1001 Main Street to confirm that this is the actual location where the Julia-Chester Hospital once stood. They confirmed that it was, and then I knew why it was so difficult to find the information through Clinton's presidential sites. Now, to my knowledge, after confirmation of the previous, Bill Clinton is the only president to have a presidential birth site marked with a death site: it's a funeral home. Talk amongst yourselves.

BUSH-43: Born in 1946 at the Yale-New Haven Hospital, New Haven, Conn. The Bush family lived in New Haven because H.W. was attending Yale University after just returning from duty in WWII.

OBAMA-44: Born on August 4, 1961. No other information available.


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