Thursday, April 29, 2010


Melanie Morgan at Searchlight, Nevada for the kickoff of the Tea Party Express III tour. Melanie had the honor of introducing governor Sarah Palin to a crowd of "dozens." (photo by Andrea Shea King)

After the TPX III tour hit the road, Melanie kept her blog readers well informed with frequent updates of the tour's progress. To show our appreciation, we featured Melanie in one of our daily reports, putting her in the front seat of the Reagan Blue Bus.

Over at Melanie's blog, she's writing about San Francisco's boycott of Arizona--BACKLASH! If it's a boycott SF wants, I guess a boycott they'll get.

What's a Chuck D from the OC? Well, according to Melanie it has something to do with the Tea Party, freeway billboards and conservative friends in Hollywood. It's true.

And Melanie's latest project: Warriors for Congress. You'll want to support this effort. Cat Moy partners with Melanie on it.


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