Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Andrea Shea King's Surfin' Safari column has an interesting piece about the day Einstein died. A photographer from Life was at the right place at the right time throughout the day. He was the only photographer present; he was not invited; and he used his own ingenious methods to be at the right place to capture these never before released pictures.

However, the story and pictures never saw the light of day. The year was 1955. This photographer had a keen sense about people, and used that knowledge to open the doors to these historic, and private, places. I came away from this story thinking he would've made a great blogger. Possibly he's related to Stacy McCain. The story's at Surfin' Safari, scroll down to the 1955 entry on Einstein. (photos)

ALIPAC is calling for senator Lindsey Graham to come out of the closet? Yes, that closet. The Radio Patriot not only has the story but will be interviewing Bill Gheen of ALIPAC this evening on THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW. 9 PM ET.

ATLAS SHRUGS takes Bill O'Reilly to task for the way he reported on the South Park controversy and the Mohammed cartoon... SAL RUSSO, TPX III's Chief Strategist, responds to criticism over their endorsement of a democrat. Atlas takes Russo to task as well.

NOISYROOM posts a story about how longtime friends can part ways over the current political atmosphere brewing in this country... BOOKWORM ROOM posts a story about her and a liberal friend discussing health care. You know how this one goes, but read it anyway. More and more of this is taking place.

DAN MITCHELL says gloominess and despair are not uncommon traits among those supporting limited government. He advises to not give up on the American people... just yet, anyway.

THE RADIO PATRIOT has a TPX III group photo with Governor Sarah Palin. But what's missing? ***This just posted: Radio Patriot has the video of TPX III's Mark Williams going one-on-two during the Joy Behar Show. Below this post is Williams doing battle with Geraldo last Saturday night. So far, Williams is batting a thousand. Who's on deck?

JOHN RUBERRY at Marathon Pundit reports on the GEICO lizard's firing. Those anti-tea party voice mails will get you every time.


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