Friday, April 09, 2010


***FOX: Bart Stupak retiring after 18 yrs. (congrats TPX III... Bart knew you were comin' to town. FNC's Major Garrett mentioned the TPX tour stops scheduled for this w/e.) Breitbart News has the Stupak resignation video.

Day 14: TPX III enters Stupak Country with its first rally in Escanaba, MI--12 noon, and Sault Sainte Marie, MI--6:00 pm. All times EDT. With only two rally stops today, the TPX crew will be able to get some much needed rest. But not too much, since the enemy never sleeps.

Yesterday's rally in Minneapolis with Rep. Michele Bachmann was a big success, and a major boost for not only the movement, but the crew as well. Tour embed Andrea Shea King has all the details from the Bachmann press conference and rally. Also, this news hit the stands yesterday as well.

Andrea also reports on TPX TV. Did you know the whole system crashed yesterday? Here's why.


One thing I truly believe about the TPX tour and the Tea Party movement in general: it wouldn't be as successful as it is without the talent and dedication of one Lloyd Marcus. He's a gift to all freedom-loving Americans. And I think I'd be remiss if I didn't thank his lovely wife Mary for making this all possible. Someone very big, very powerful, sent Lloyd and Mary our way, and for that I am thankful.

According to Andrea, Lloyd captured the mood of this TPX tour in a recent piece he wrote. Oh, btw, in addition to his many talents, Lloyd can now add AUTHOR to the list. As in BOOK:

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at Noisyroom posts so much information about the tour, I won't--can't--link them all, so just go to her site and scroll. Another gift to the tour, John Ruberry at Marathon Pundit. He's there for us each day. John emailed this last night--Troglopundit coverage. And John's on the Stupak retirement too.

Instapundit. What can I say?

Glenn comments: STUPAK RETIRES. "Hmm. Somebody watch what he does next for signs of a payoff. . . ."

UPDATE: Michael Graham emails: “The Tea Party is the most pro-family org. ever! Everywhere they go, Dems decide to ’spend more time with family.’” It is funny that he announced his decision in the face of a visit from the Tea Party Express.




**ASK SHOW cancelled. Returning on Sunday--9 pm et.** Tonight--The Andrea Shea King Show will be broadcasting "live" from Stupak Country--9 pm et. Bart can call in at 646-478-4604. I'll keep a line open for ya!

And now I'll leave you with Lloyd Marcus and Rep. Michele Bachmann:

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