Monday, April 12, 2010


LAST NIGHT, TPX tour embed Andrea Shea King hitched a ride with the entertainers on the Gold Bus to Albany. During the ride, Andrea interviewed Victoria Jackson and Jimmy Labriola on her radio show. It wasn't your normal TPX interview. Let's just say it was... entertaining. The Radio Patriot has the story and show archive link.


DAY 18 takes the TPX III tour to rallies in Albany, NY--10 am; then to Concord, NH--4 pm.

Andrea has a great round up of DAY 17's Buffalo rally. As usual, great commentary and pics. Also, a nice piece from Lloyd Marcus, "Taking pride in a job well done."

RIGHTNETWORK brings you the Tea Party experience:

MARATHON PUNDIT is posting about today's Albany TPX rally, and the upcoming Boston rally with Sarah Palin. The Boston Globe is reporting on Palin's TPX rally as well.

NOISYROOM continues to update readers throughout the day with TPX rally reports and press releases. Just scroll to your heart's content.

GLENN REYNOLDS at Instapundit offers up TPX III and Tea Party links too. And don't forget about PJTV's call for citizen reporters to file reports from local Tax Day Tea Parties. It's your chance to make a difference.

**Important links** TPX III, TPX TV, Tour schedules, Contributions.

TONIGHT: The Andrea Shea King Show will be broadcasting "live" from somewhere on the east coast at 9 pm et.

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