Thursday, October 28, 2010


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DAY TEN for TPX began in Paducah, KY, where Rand Paul stopped by to talk with the gathered crowd. Paul is one of the most popular candidates out there today--the media mobbed him. Later, TPX slid into the St. Louis area near the Gateway Arch. Speaking of the arch, Andrea Shea King was able to meet Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit. Pics too. Over at The Radio Patriot, Andrea has coverage here and here.

DAY 11 takes TPX IV into the belly of corruption--the state of Illinois. First stop, Springfield at 9 AM; then upstate to Frankfort for a 4 PM rally. Check the tour schedule for upcoming rallies in Michigan. (For TPX V, I'm suggesting we have a Hyde Park Rally on the schedule.)

BEHIND THE SCENES--A discussion took place in one of the lounge areas of a TPX bus. A passionate discussion about black conservatives and the black vote. Lloyd Marcus wrote it down and published it at American Thinker.

During TPX III, Andrea slept through St. Louis and missed the Gateway Arch. Not this trip, though. Below, Andrea and the famous 'Gateway to the West.' (NOTE: I have NEVER slept through St. Louis.)

TEA PARTY HD and LIBERTY.COM always bring you each rally "live" via your computer, with great shots of the stage show as well as interviews throughout the audience. Make it a point to tune in. Below, Tea Party HD hits the Nashville scene:

We're moving closer to the tour's end which means the election is just around the corner. According to officials at TPX, support for the latest fund drive is building fast. Let's keep it that way--

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at NoisyRoom; John Ruberry at Marathon Pundit; Melanie and Barbara at American Freedom are still working daily to get the word out to a wider audience. Besides TPX updates, each of these sites have lots of interesting and informative posts. Stop by and take a peek see.

Tonight, from the Land of Lincoln,
THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW will be on the air at 9 PM ET. If I have to be there, I think you should be as well. Besides, I might say something worthwhile.

Let's go shopping at the Tea Party Store--always open--24/7.

UPDATE: 11:15 AM PT--Andrea will soon have some interesting pics and info about her and others being interviewed today. Check back at Andrea's site.

UPDATE II: In the meantime, while I wait for incoming news from the TPX tour, I sometimes relax at the clubhouse. In this pic I'm displaying the 2nd Revolution Flag, and browsing through Burt Boyar's coffee table book of Sammy Davis, Jr's photography--"Photo by Sammy Davis, Jr." Great gift idea for the holidays.

UPDATE III: 12:45 PM ET--Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee being interviewed:

UPDATE IV: 12:50--Tea Party Express on stage in Springfield, Illinois:

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