Tuesday, January 04, 2011


This week the Honorable Elizabeth Letchworth, owner-founder of GradeGov.com, will be stopping by the Andrea Shea King Show a day early. Why? Because she wants to alert you to a move Sen Harry Reid plans on making this Wednesday regarding senate rules. Rules that have been in place for 200 years.

Letchworth, a 26 year veteran of the senate, lays out the whole democrat plan in her column at
The Daily Caller. Tonight she'll explain why the dems have cooked-up this plan and why it's important for it to be stopped. After you've listened to her analysis, you can watch the action on the senate floor come Wednesday, the opening day of the 112th congress.

Letchworth will no doubt urge you to use
GradeGov.com to communicate with your senators. Here's the beauty of GradeGov's ability to reach them: the email addresses at GradeGov ARE NOT the ones the members of congress have on their government websites--house.gov, senate.gov. Instead, these addresses are their personal email contacts and, when you email them, they will GET IT. It's the technological version of stopping by their district office to talk with them in person.

Many individuals and organizations have a complete listing of email addresses for congress, but those contacts require you to first fill out a long list of items--personal info--before you get to send your email. Then your email ends up on some congressional server where a staffer might look at it. Might. In most cases, you must be a constituent of that member of congress before they'll accept your communication. This is NOT the case when you use GradeGov. And did I mention GradeGov's free? Just register and you're off and running.

So if you're an individual and just want to send one email to your member of congress, use GradeGov. If you're an organization with a lengthy list of followers with an important issue, by all means take advantage of GradeGov's ability to get inside congress to your member's personal computer email program. And while you're at GradeGov, grade your member of congress too! It makes all the difference in the world. Congress loves hearing from you.


Tonight--Elizabeth Letchworth--THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW--9 PM ET. We have at least an hour with Elizabeth, so we'll probably cover other issues as well. Be sure to tune in. (USA NEWS reports on Reid's power grab.)

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