Monday, April 04, 2011


Joe Kennedy, Sr. had the gold, and he made the rules.

Andrea Shea King has been reading about the Kennedy clan's headmaster, Joe, Sr., in the book Sins of the Father, and last night she was treated to the controversial TV mini-series, The Kennedys.

At the
Radio Patriot, Andrea gives you a glimpse into the book and the first installment of The Kennedys.

While posting this, I had Fox & Friends on in the background waiting for The Donald to make his newly scheduled morning appearance. Trump was on to comment on the latest news about the economy and the raging fires in the Middle East. No Eligibility issue comments from what I could tell, so I guess that issue, at least for The Donald, is over.

But then came the closing interview of the day: Bush 43's wife was hawking a new book, talking about freedom in America, blah, blah, blah. Then, to close out the interview, Mrs. Bush was asked who her favorite politician was. Was it a republican? Was it Sarah Palin? Was it a conservative? None of the above--it was Hillary Clinton, of course. Her Royal Pantsuit impressed Mrs. Bush because of her fight for women's rights, the example she sets or some such bilge. Like the Kennedys, I've had more than I can take of the Bush clan.

"Miss me, yet?" Nope.


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