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DAY FOUR of TPX Wisconsin is the final day of touring, taking the crew to two rallies. First stop is Rhinelander at noon, then off to De Pere for a 5:30 rally. And next thing you know, it'll be Tuesday morning and time for Wisconsin to decide who'll be running their state in the future--elected reps or the unions.

Yesterday's touring left the TPX crew exhausted--3 rally stops--but they got some good home cookin' in them last night, a good night's sleep and as tour embed Andrea Shea King reports, this morning they're pumped up. Darla Dewald of Patriot Action Network penned a little something that got the crew's attention.

And Chicago's John Ruberry of Marathon Pundit reports on visits to yesterday's rallies by Rep Ribble and WI state Sen Olson. Thanks for the coverage, John. And of course all kinds of coverage and cross-posting can be found at Terresa Monroe-Hamilton's NoisyRoom. Be sure to see this vid at NoisyRoom where you can meet the TPX crew while it's traveling the Wisconson highways.

Ok, here we go--for continuous updates of the rallies, just hit this link. Or follow down below.

Tour embed Andrea Shea King is captured on video at a Sunday rally:

*RHINELANDER rally: Andrea reports the crew is on board the bus and cruising for Rhinelander. Should be there any minute for the noon rally. Rhinelander rally underway...

Rally at Rhinelander has concluded. Andrea reports that the crowd was very responsive and engaged. Kay Rivoli was overcome with emotion while singing Freedom's Not Free, according to Andrea... "she just told me that everytime she gets to the part about the planes being shot down, she thinks of that helo with our SEALS on board."

Rhinelander had 200 in attendance and now the TPX crew is on the road for a two-and-a-half hour drive to the next and final rally at De Pere. Below, The Rivoli Revue performing Freedom's Not Free:

The Rivoli Revue in Rhinelander:

**DE PERE rally: Andrea reporting in that the bus has arrived, crews setting up. Before the rally begins, check out some of Andrea's thoughts about the Rhinelander rally... Now a CNN crew is there and wanting to do some interviewing. MSNBC just announced on the Sharpton Show that The Ed Show will be broadcast live from Wisconsin tonight and tomorrow night at 10pm et, so I expect they'll be giving the TPX a little coverage, albeit negative.

The De Pere rally has ended, and as usual The Rivoli Revue brought tears to the audience's eyes. As the crew tears down, Wm Owens is doing interviews nearby the bus. Soon the TPX crew will be on the road, headed to an undisclosed location for the evening, then off to the airport in the morning for the trip back home. I'll have more details either here or link you over to Andrea's site--The Radio Patriot. It was the final day, the final rally here in Wisconsin... now it's up to the voters to decide on Tuesday.

Andrea Shea King has a couple posts for you here and here.

****Found over at Gateway Pundit--"We'd be BBB without Tea Party!!"--Rick Santelli


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