Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Big labor, the democrat party and the entire main stream media apparatus was boots on the ground in the Wisconsin recall effort. On our side we had... well... hang on... oh, we had the Tea Party, and more specifically, The Tea Party Express and all the people who contributed to making the wheels go 'round. That's about it. And who came out the winner last night? The people of Wisconsin, that's who.

The progressive movement left no stone unturned in trying to unseat at least three republicans in yesterday's special election. They had throngs of "useful idiots" running about with their not-so-homemade-signs for background shots on MSNBC's The ED Show. Poor Ed, he tried his progressive best to keep the audience in a positive and hopeful mood, but in the end they had to be given the bad news: that the people of Wisconsin had spoken, the recall effort had failed. So sorry, Ed, Rachael, et al. So sorry.

And a special, heartfelt "I'm so sorry" goes out to MSNBC'S Al Sharpton who yesterday played a clip of Andrea Shea King speaking at a TPX tour stop, announcing to the crowd that the S & P downgrade was being dubbed "The Tea Party downgrade." You know you've arrived when Al Sharpton plays a clip of you on his ridiculous show.

Hey, Al, Andrea's doin' The Happy Dance!!


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