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I've been busy this week--doctors--and haven't been able to spend as much time blogging as I'd like, so I'll catch up this morning on a few items.

Herman Cain's presser the other day went better than I thought it would. Cain's in a difficult spot having to prove a negative--all in all I think it went very well. I thought his lawyer's opening remarks set the tone perfectly--it was as if he was presenting closing remarks to the jury. Excellent idea. And when Cain came to the podium, he presented himself as well as he could and did something our Dear Leader rarely does--Cain took lots of questions from the press.

This type of political lynching is nothing new, especially for the operatives out of the Illinois/Chicago Combine. This is how the Obama machine has always operated, and it's how Obama so successfully won his campaigns from the very start, with the exception of the loss to Bobby Rush--The Radio Patriot revisits Obama's political beginnings in Illinois and his staffer's MO when entering into a campaign. It's dirty, hardball politics where the ends justify the means.

Last night's republican presidential debates, put on by CNBC, had people focused on mainly two of the candidates--Cain and Perry. Cain because of the ongoing controversy of sexual harassment allegations, and Perry because he has posted several poor debate performances and this put Perry in a position to redeem himself in future debates. Perry has admitted that he hates debating and isn't the best at it--so true--but last night Perry stumbled badly when he needed to just get through the debate with no mistakes. Well it didn't turn out that way at all. Perry stumbled so badly that the gaffe will go down in debate history as one of the worst, and possibly the beginning of the end for his campaign. 53 of the longest and painful seconds in the annals of debate history. As of this morning, Perry insists he's staying in the race--when the polls and contributions head south, Perry will probably have a change of heart. There's just so much the experts can do to rebuild a candidate after so many missteps. If a candidate is to have a chance in any political campaign, at the very least he must present well in debates. Perry has proven he is not able to do this.

The other candidates did just fine last night--aside from Perry's gaffe, he did a good job, but the gaffe was so monumental that it will be the only thing remembered from his performance. Cain was forceful and in command of the issues, though he was laughed at as he reminded the audience again and again of his 9-9-9 economic plan. Now this CNBC debate was focused on economic issues but Maria was somehow able to fashion a question that involved Cain's recent sexual harassment problems. It was low class and had no place in this debate. It's a legit question, just not in this particular debate. Others, I'm sure, will disagree. The audience booed as the question was posed to Cain, then boos again erupted from the audience when Maria attempted to involve Mitt into the controversial question. Mitt deflected the question, saying he wasn't going to respond. Cain's response to her inquiry was perfectly acceptable, I thought.

The remaining candidates did a good job too. Mitt seemed presidential, in command of the issues, never stumbling. Overall, he helped himself. Ron Paul, a candidate that's hard to argue with unless, of course, he ventures into his foreign policy stances. I'm sure his supporters were pleased with his presentation. Bachmann didn't do much to enhance herself, nothing remarkable from her, just the standard Bachmann positions, so she didn't move up in the ratings. She's in a deep hole when it comes to her polling, but there's plenty of time for her to get back into the race. Money must becoming an issue with her campaign. We'll soon see how that plays out.

Being his usual energetic self on the issues, Santorum did as he usually does but can't seem to get out of the blocks when it comes to polling. It could be that this isn't his cycle. There's more presidential cycles ahead for this former senator, I don't think this is his time, though. Jon Huntsman--great job, maybe his best. Again, he's an unknown factor with little name recognition.

One of the winners from last night was Newt Gingrich, who is slowly moving up the political charts. I think he's underestimated, cunning and the smartest man in the room. His command of the issues are second to none and the other candidates know it. The panelists are aware of it too and must dislike asking him questions because he's too smart to allow a panelist to cut the ring off on him, not allowing himself to get caught in one of their traps. Newt's more than willing, as he's shown in all the debates, to give as good as he gets, especially when it comes to the media's coverage and types of questions. He's been there, done that. Watch his candidacy.

The winners last night: Newt and Herman. Losers: Rick Perry and CNBC's Maria and Jim Cramer.

*****OTHER NEWS*****

***A man who has been savaged by the msm for years--Sheriff Joe Arpaio--will be arriving in Orlando for the Choose Liberty 2012 conference. However, the msm who's usually not far behind Arpaio, is not providing coverage on the event so far. (Arpaio is investigating Obama's eligibility) We're still wondering if they'll even cover it. Well, not to worry. Our own Andrea Shea King will be there to cover the event for The Tea Party Magazine. When the msm fails to do its job, King, a big player in the New Media, is more than willing to travel to Orlando to do the job the msm refuses to do. Look for her reporting this weekend. Details at her site, The Radio Patriot. Andrea has an additional post about Karl Rove. He's no friend to the conservative movement. I think we're all beginning to realize this. Andrea reports on this too.

***John Ruberry, our man from the Greater ChicagoLand area, blogging at Marathon Pundit, is traveling to Denver for Freedonworks' BlogCon event. Tune to his blog for details and his final report. Good luck, John, and thanks for being so involved in the process. Ruberry is one of the best.

***My health situation has changed so I'll be updating my many blog friends and family very soon on how that's going. For now, I'm feeling just great. I'm about to enter into some very serious procedures and will be updating. And I've planned to document the process the best I can with blog posts and videos from the hospital because I'll soon be going in for at least four weeks and quite possibly as many as seven. More on that soon.

***TONIGHT: THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW--9pm et. Chat room will be open and the call in number is 1-646-478-4604. Author Brenda Elliott will be our guest this evening, and we've confirmed Jack Abramoff for Nov 21st. Mark your calendars!

***Finally, seriously consider supporting The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama. It's one of the most important, effective organizations and deserves our support. Stop by to contribute and don't forget to sign up for their email alerts. This is the type of org that will help in bringing down Obama in his quest for a second term at 1600. Lloyd Marcus is the Chairman, Andrea Shea King is the Vice-Chair. We need your support more than ever. Ridding our nation of a Marxist is expensive, so do what you can. Thanks.

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