Thursday, June 02, 2005


As Mark Felt's daughter, Joan, parades her father around with his walker like a carnival barker selling tickets to a midway sideshow, she reminds me of Serepta from the movie "The Shootist."

In the movie, Serepta, played by Sheree North, pays her old lover, J. B. Books, played by John Wayne, a surprise visit before his impending death. However, her motivation for the visit wasn't to pay her respects. Serepta wanted to convince Books to marry her so she could profit later from being Mrs. J. B. Books. She explains to Books that there's going to be a book written, "a real corker," about his life and bloody times as a shootist, and by being Mrs. J. B. Books she was assured future income in which to support herself.

J. B. Books tells her that he still has some self-respect left and throws her ass out.

I think if Mark Felt had as much control of his affairs now, as Books did then, he'd throw his daughter out on her ass, too. Hey, Joan, Newsflash!! Your daddy kept this part of his life a secret for a reason. Now that your dad can't remember what he had for breakfast, you thought it would be a good time to tout him as a hero to the world, while working to secure a book deal. You could've maintained your family's self-respect by at least waiting for your dad to die. But, he might've hung on too long for your comfort. After all, you've got bills to pay, right?

Your good father kept this a secret to protect himself, his retirement, and above all, his family; he knew what he did was not honorable. To unmask himself as "deep throat" early on would have exposed his family to future attacks from those he'd screwed. This may be the only heroic thing he did.

On Rush's program today, he mentioned that Felt currently lives in his daughter's home in Santa Rosa, Ca., in a converted garage. The irony being that Watergate began in a Washington D.C. garage and has come full circle to a garage in California. Now that's irony.

Mark Felt was the #2 man at the FBI, but he didn't learn a thing from his boss and mentor, Hoover. Joan, being the daughter of the #2 man, didn't learn a thing, either.

One thing is certain, though, Watergate was a real corker!

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