Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Britney Spears is doing her part to raise money for the victims of the hurricane ravaged gulf area. She's auctioning some of her clothing, including a bra. At last report the bra's bidding was over $9000. Better get your bid in before it gets serious. Check the latest bids on Ebay. Too late, it's now serious.

And speaking of Britney's bra, here's an informative slide show about the mystery surrounding what she puts in it.

***The only one I haven't seen is #44. How about you?

***Husbands and wives often fight about it, especially if they aren't doing it correctly. Are you?

***We should be asking the same question about the democratic party. It's beginning to smell. UPDATE: What's up with the NYT? They changed the headline of this story since I posted. The headline used to read: NOW THAT LENIN'S IDEAS ARE DEAD, RUSSIA WONDERS WHAT TO DO WITH HIS BODY. That's very close to the original headline. I think someone at the Times was thinking the same way I was, or they saw my post.

***If you want to learn more about the stock market and investing, this is the best show for it. The host, unlike most stock market experts, never talks down to you; he talks to you, and in plain english. He's the John Madden of the market.

***This is your captain speaking. Notice that I've turned on the "fasten your seatbelt sign."

Runway 27 at Lindbergh Field, San Diego: Take-off and then the landing. Cockpit view. (volume)

***How effective are you?

***The World Series is upon us. As a kid, he was my hero...1.12 ERA; need I say more?

***"Politicians are the lowest form of life on the earth. Liberal Democrats are the lowest form of politician."--Gen. Patton. For his thoughts on everything else, click here.

***Live from Chicago via Marathon Pundit's cell phone. I'm looking forward to this. Update: You'll never believe who's going to be in Chicago this weekend.

***Color me October. Meow!

***Simply amazing.

***I'm pretty sure I have the winner.

***If you eyeball it, you bought it. Someone please tell me this is a joke. Please.

And finally, if you think this post is too long, balme tehse floks.

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