Monday, March 13, 2006


The midwest, Missouri and Illinois, got a big dose of bad weather last night. Luckily, Christi at Common Sense America, made it through unscathed, and she does some reporting from the area with pictures here.

**Speaking of blowing wind, apparently this wind has lost some of its force due to a severe beating. Right.

**Nothing but good weather and good times, according to John Ruberry of Marathon Pundit. It's Jamaica, man!! Part 3 in the series.

**Chris gets struck with a bad case of global warming down New Mexico way.

**She'll never be whacked; she's The Soprano's #1 fan. And if "the family" ever tried to make a move on her, Jack Bauer would show up and put an end to it right then and there.

**Another Hollywood legend is dead. I thought she deserved the Oscar for her performance in "Airport."

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