Tuesday, June 07, 2005


At the risk of be labeled "politically obsessive and snarky," as some would suggest, I would like to give a reason for still caring about John Kerry's military records. This may surprise you but it has nothing to do with John Kerry, and everything to do with the MSM. I already know Kerry is a fraud, and I figure millions of others have come to the same conclusion.

Kerry exited Viet Nam with a record Audie Murphy would be jealous of, yet he wasn't in country long enough to get a good tan. Last year he "reported for duty" again, but somehow failed to disclose the centerpiece of his campaign: His military records. You'd think he would've remembered that little detail, or had someone in his employ with the IQ above a grapefruit that could. To suggest Kerry wasn't smart enough to include these details is laughable. The man is a fraud, period. If you disagree with me, prove me wrong by getting Kerry to fully disclose his records. I'll make it easy, too, just explain to me why his discharge is dated 1978, instead of 1972. That should be easy enough.

The MSM's job is to report the news. Simple enough. They should not be in the business of helping one candidate over the other, as was the case last year. In addition, they should make great efforts to avoid the appearance of doing so. To do otherwise is very dangerous.

Last year John Kerry came within a whisker of being in the White House, however, had the MSM done its job, he wouldn't have come close; the election would've been over in October at the latest, and the debates would've been a moot point.

When Kerry announced he was "reporting for duty," the MSM should've been on him about his records like the Tates at a Manson Family parole hearing. Instead, they looked to Texas. Luckily, the Swifties were able to fill in for the MSM while they were AWOL somewhere in The Lone Star State. I'm thinking they were in a bar watching PBS tape "Austin City Limits."

So, when Kerry's records finally show up in their entirety, it will cause many to wonder why the MSM chose not to pursue this obvious story, and then they will have some 'splainin' to do. SF 180 has nothing to do with Kerry anymore; its all about the MSM not doing its job. Since Tim Russert of MSNBC trapped Kerry into saying he would release all his records, I encourage you to email them insisting they follow up on the story. I'll let Imus off the hook for now; he doesn't give a s*** what we think, anyway.

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