Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Michael Graham, WMAL's mid-day host, was given the boot for making comments on his show about radical Islam. CAIR pressured the Disney-owned station and they caved-in and fired Graham. This Washington Times Op-Ed piece on the 18th describes the situation and includes some of Graham's remarks. The piece was written just prior to his firing.

Since getting the boot, Graham has been a guest on many of the cable shows and he presents himself extremely well. He will have no problem finding a new job, trust me. Graham has talents that ABC and Disney don't deserve, and, in the end, they will find that they've done him him a favor. Graham could well be a new and rising media star because of his views about radical Islam, coupled with the talents he brings to the table. I'd hire this guy in a hot second.

CAIR has been a topic in the blogoshere many times, but none have been so good at highlighting the dangers of CAIR as MARATHON PUNDIT. The sooner the word gets out that CAIR is a danger to our nation, the better, and John Ruberry is on the front lines in this effort. I applaude him, and so should you.

CAIR, and the media, are clearly the enemies within. And, as MARATHON PUNDIT advises, be very careful if you decide to go up against this organization.

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