Saturday, August 13, 2005


I don't think anyone should bash this woman for what she feels she needs to do. It's her right to express herself regarding the death of her son, Casey, in any manner she wants.

However, as the sideshow goes into another day, it becomes increasingly clear, no matter which side of the political fence you stand on, that this woman is being used and manipulated. The focus of her actions have little to do with her son's death and more and more to do with bashing the president and his policies.

Instead of bashing her, pity her. Those around her pulling the strings are making an utter fool of this woman. They now have her pontificating about how to solve the middle east peace problem and terrorism in general. In all of her grief she's able to find the strength and time to spend on such issues. And now she's threatening to not pay her taxes.

Her plate is getting very full at this juncture with her family splitting up over political beliefs, a possible divorce, and future tax problems. Yes, pity this woman.

Her son would be embarrassed for his poor mother for the way she is acting; he would never have wanted this to take place on his behalf, I'm sure. His memory is being dishonored, his family is being dishonored, and his country is being dishonored.

What Cindy Sheehan doesn't realize is that she's one breaking news story away from being left by the roadside alone with her white cross in hand. As soon as something else comes along in the news, they will drop her in a hot second, and so will Michael Moore and his cohorts. Back to Vacaville it will be to pick up the pieces of what remains of her life and family.

After the seige at Crawford comes to a close, I figure her next 15 minutes of fame will be at the 2008 DNC. She'll no doubt be the one seated between Jimmy Carter and Michael Moore.

I agree that she deserves a private meeting with the president, and since he's already given her that meeting, it's time to go home, Cindy.

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